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Who’s Who – Lloyd Goradesky

Lloyd Goradesky is a wonderful WMODA supporter and one of the featured artists at our Venetian Fantasy event. He is also a star of the 2019 International Kinetic Art exhibit at Boynton Beach with his striking weathervane in Dewie Park. The title of the work Let Love Guide Your Way expresses Lloyd’s philosophy in a chaotic world when faced with a dilemma.  

Gator in the Bay
Lloyd Goradesky is a public artist whose work has been compared to Christo & Jean-Claude. He uses the Power of Art to bring awareness to our natural surroundings, and his art extends from multi-media design to complex material creations. One of Lloyd’s most famous creations was the “Gator in the Bay,” a 33,000-pound alligator the size of a football field that floats, which received international publicity after featuring in Art Basel, Miami. The body displayed 3,000 photographs of the Everglades captured by Goradesky.

Let Love Guide Your Way
Lloyd’s latest project is his kinetic sculpture in the form of a weathervane in Dewie Park entitled Let Love Guide Your Way. As Lloyd explains, ‘As well as being a device to measure wind direction, a weathervane is also a metaphor to describe politicians who change their views frequently”. The success of this sculpture has led to several more commissions for similar installations which Lloyd is working on now.

Learn from a Pro
In between his public art projects, Lloyd devotes time (and love) to supporting WMODA. He helped create the Enchanted Garden in our Fantastique exhibit.  He also shares his vast knowledge of photographic techniques with his Learn from a Pro workshops.

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