Museum opening hours: Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


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TripAdvisor 5-Star Reviews

This ‘boutique’ museum has an array of impressive historical and contemporary glass blown glass and porcelain objects. Films describe the elaborate processes. A charming Venetian masked ball scene….hilarious hippos with African families and little jungle animals riding them….classical glass figurines…bold Chihuly glass pieces. For decorative artists and family fun. Informative guided tour. Carolyn Kaye MA.

Such a fascinating place with art we’ve never seen anywhere… COSXM VA

Hidden gem worth a visit…Mep FL

Perfect outing for a cloudy rainy day..Vjensen FL

Spectacular, Unique museum! Don’t miss this great place!... Piscatore WI

Amazing Beauty… Lydia B

Outstanding Museum, Outstanding Staff …Barbara FL

A gem of a museum… Judi Z

An amazing museum with jaw-dropping items and art work… Editht

A beautiful experience… Edalamo FL

Crack open the Oyster and find a PEARL… Little One FL

Total Surprise…Alan NYC

A Special Place. After a tour of this museum you will never look at a glass the same….Excursion FL

Mind Stimulating…fcariano FL

A thing of beauty is a joy forever…tulbooth FL