Masquerade Parties

Masques became popular in Tudor Times at the court of King Henry VIII. These lavish, dramatic entertainments were performed by masked players representing mythological or allegorical figures. Renaissance masques were commissioned from famous dramatists of the era and fused music, dance, poetry, lavish costumes and spectacular sets into one splendid

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The Magic of Murano

Our pop-up exhibit of Venetian glass opens on February 8th and highlights masterpieces from the WMODA collection by Lino Tagliapietra and the late Pino Signoretto, as well as selected work by earlier 20th century maestros. The exhibit is curated by Sergio Gnesin, who wrote the reference book about Ermanno Nason,

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A Porcelain Performance

Many of the exhibits in Carnival & Cabaret come from the magnificent collection of David Farin, and his late wife Esther.  Their passion for European porcelain was inspired by their travels around the world and they acquired more than two thousand pieces. Their vast collection from factories such as Meissen,

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Fashion Butterflies

Fashion students from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale have been studying the ceramic art at WMODA to seek inspiration for their new swim wear collections. Their teacher Chelsea Rousso worked together with Louise Irvine to introduce the young designers to historical styles of the early 20th century, such as

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Candlemas Day

The festival of Candlemas on February 2nd is a blend of pagan rites, Christian ceremonial, and popular customs. Candlemas Day marks the end of the mid-winter Christmas celebrations and was strikingly portrayed  in Wedgwood’s Fairyland Lustre collection by Daisy Makeig Jones. The Candlemas festival is derived from an ancient Roman ceremony

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Wiener Museum Margaret Thompson Fairy Bluebells

Emblems of the Soul

The butterfly has been a source of wonder and a metaphor for spiritual beliefs since ancient times. It has been a symbol of love, death, rebirth, and transformation in many cultures and religions. In Greek myth Psyche, the goddess of the soul, was depicted with butterfly wings. The butterfly also symbolizes

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Wiener Museum Bees Tray Victor

Biophilia – The Buzz

There’s a buzz about Ardmore at WMODA. Their artist Fiso Radebe demonstrated his painting skills at the November’s WMODA Wednesday. Now some unusual Ardmore pieces are featured in the exhibit Christopher Marley ǀ Biophilia. Marley’s dialogue with art, nature and science is presented in the style of a Cabinet of

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Wiener Museum Christmas Waits

Christmas Waits

Christmas Waits were bands of street musicians who formed during the holiday season to play carols around their community in hopes of raising money. The performances were variable and not always appreciated as can be seen in George Tinworth’s Waits Water mouse group at WMODA. From medieval times until the

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Wiener Museum Carnival Venice Lladro Musicians Colombina

Carnival in Venice

The largest porcelain work of art ever created by Lladró of Spain was unveiled at the Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts on January 17th. Carnival in Venice is a work of great complexity, almost five feet long and comprising 450 porcelain parts. 35 artists worked over a period of 5

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Wiener Museum Firing Kilnoct

Roger Cockram, In his element

Water is Roger Cockram’s element and ideas for his work in porcelain and stoneware spring from observations that he makes of the sea. He also harnesses the other elements of fire, air and earth to create his striking ceramic art. With his long grey beard, he looks a bit like

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