Wearable Wedgwood

In the late 1950s, Wedgwood made some shoe heels for the H & M Rayne shoe company, suppliers of footwear to HM Queen Elizabeth. They made Her Majesty’s wedding shoes in 1947 and a decade later Edward Rayne came up with the idea of Jasperware high heels. Wedgwood’s in-house magazine

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Cabaret Star

The latest addition to our Stage & Screen exhibition is this striking Korean Dancer, which was modeled by Constantin Holzer-Defanti for Rosenthal in 1918. The sculptor was inspired by a postcard of cabaret star Anita Berber, who was famous for her burlesque performances in Weimer Germany. Anita Berber’s career at

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Cupid is Coming!

As Valentine’s Day approaches on February 14th, we are inundated with cards depicting Cupid, armed with his bow and arrow to find his mark and inspire true love. Less familiar today are the images of Cupid riding on a dolphin that prevailed in classical art. In ancient mythology, Cupid was

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Wiener Museum Ardmore Design Feature

Ardmore Design

Launched in 2010, the Ardmore Design Collection translated the distinctive imagery and playfulness of the ceramics into fabrics and furniture. The success of Ardmore’s limited edition Qalakabusha couch, which means “new beginnings”, was followed by a collaboration with Mavromac on a linen fabric range. Fée’s daughter, Catherine Berning, and a

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Wiener Museum Ardmore

Ardmore Commemorative Ewer

Ardmore Commemorative Ewer Sculpted by Sfiso Mvelase Painted by Elvis Mkhize, 2015 Height: 31 inches Sfiso has added several of his own works to the ewer, including his humorous, erotic teapots which he models with a twinkle in his eye. They raise a smile but also embody satire and subtle

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