Biophilia at WMODA

The buzz is on for our newest exhibition, CHRISTOPHER MARLEY | BIOPHILIA:  A Dialogue with Art, Nature and Science at the Gallery of Amazing Things and WMODA. This pioneering art exhibit illuminates our relationship with the natural world and showcases over 400 works by Christopher Marley, artist, naturalist and New York Times bestselling author. Biophilia means “love of life or living systems” and is expressed eloquently by Marley who uses the natural world as his medium for his revolutionary work revealing the spectacular beauty of nature.

The rare elements of nature – animal, vegetable and mineral – used in Marley’s designs are either reclaimed or sustainably harvested. The ancient connection between art, nature and science is explored further at WMODA in the context of the four elements of earth, wind, fire and water and the transmutation of these forces of nature to create ceramic and glass art. Christopher Marley’s natural history studies are presented alongside masterpieces of ceramics and glass in a setting reminiscent of a Cabinet of Curiosities, the precursors of today’s museums.

Exhibition open during regular business hours.
Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm